Our Mission

Our Values

  • We support movements for justice; we work alongside those who work for justice and struggle alongside those who struggle (with special consideration for local movements). 

  • We believe in the interdependence of our oppressions and the interdependence of our liberation. 

  • We seek out partnerships with individuals and organizations. 

  • We share the stories and causes of our partners and neighbors through our own media channels. 

  • We look to the leadership of the people and communities most affected by oppression. 

  • We intentionally reflect on how our own position affects our relationships with individuals and movements seeking justice and invite our partners and guests to do the same. 


  • We welcome people of all identities and expressions into our space and programming and commit to treat guests with openness and respect. 

  • We ask that our guests also treat fellow guests with openness and respect. 

  • We commit to making The Festival Center an accessible space, especially for mission-driven individuals and groups. 

  • We seek out events and partnerships where people of different backgrounds can enter a place for mutual learning and engagement. 

  • We listen intently to our guests and our staff to understand their needs and wants. 

  • We treat each guest in our space as unique and work with them to fulfill their specific needs and wants in our space. 


  • We believe that the development of individuals and communities often happens in the tensions between individuals and communities of different backgrounds and beliefs. 

  • We commit to cultivate relationships of trust, patience, listening, and support. 

  • We provide to space for individuals to pursue growth through reflection, meditation, and spiritual practices. 

  • We promote courses and events that offer opportunities for critical thinking, creativity, and dialogue with others. 

  • We believe tension and discomfort can be productive and move us toward new opportunities for growth and change. 


  • We commit to living out today what we hope the world to be tomorrow. 

  • We recognize that celebration, joy, and rest are essential in the struggle for a just world. 

  • We invite individuals and organizations into our space for personal and community-wide occasions. 

  • We intentionally recognize the milestones and accomplishments of our staff, guests, and partners and share them over our media.