Discipleship Year Placement Opportunities


BRIYA PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL (Educational Arm of Mary’s Center)

Program providing educational programming and support for low-income Latino & other immigrant families.



Position 1: ESL/Computer – Adult Education Assistant Instructor

Duties:  Assist in teaching basic ESL and computer classes, provide individual tutoring, assist in monitoring and test taking, assist in lesson planning, work with other teachers in family literacy program, assist with basic administrative duties related to teaching, take students on field trips, graduation ceremonies, etc. 

Position 2: Early Childhood Instructional and Administrative Assistant

Duties: Responsible for providing daily care and education to infants, toddlers or preschoolers (60%).  Work with co-teachers and administrators to track children’s developmental progress, plan and implement parent-child activities, conduct home visits, prepare classroom materials and assist with administrative and data tasks (40%). 


Position 3: Special Education Assistant

Duties: Work alongside teachers in inclusion classrooms to provide high quality education and one-on-one or small group activities to three and four year old children with and without special needs. Work with inclusion coordinator to work on data collection, curriculum development and Special Education Administration.


Residential Program providing hospice care to low income adults dying of AIDS and Cancer



Position: Compassionate Companion

Duties: Providing daily compassionate presence to residents for day-to-day nursing, social and comfort needs. Assist in providing hospice care and comfort measures for those unable to care for themselves (under nurse supervision), do basic residential duties including cooking, cleaning and participate with staff in house meetings, etc. 



Clinic providing services to the low-income Latino Community



Position: Volunteer Coordinator

Duties: Engage in community outreach and recruitment of prospective volunteers and individual supporters. Research and evaluate possible volunteer opportunities. Help to develop communications and strategy targeted at informing and engaging larger volunteer community. Monitor and evaluate volunteer program throughout. Fluency in spoken Spanish and basic writing skills in Spanish are required. 


Residential Program for persons with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities



Position:  Home Life Assistant Intern 

Duties:  To learn, support and provide direct care supports, training, assistance and supervision/empowerment for core people in personal care needs, achieving personal goals and performing programmatic activities. This includes communicating and self-advocating effectively with doctors and other professionals. Includes team work with other care providers and completing necessary paperwork.


Social Service organization providing case management support to low-income and homeless individuals.



Position:  Meet individually with clients who come in for services. Support them in job hunting, finding affordable housing or signing up for other services (food stamps, health insurance, child care support, etc). Possibility that at this placement you will be serving in two of their locations, giving part-time hours to both. 

For full position descriptions of internship opportunities contact Dawn Longenecker, Discipleship Year Director at dlongenecker@festivalcenter.org.