The Festival Center

The Festival Center is a beautiful multi-purpose building in the heart of Adams Morgan, a vibrant and diverse neighborhood in Northwest DC. The Center is affliated with the rich tradition of the Church of the Saviour. Our 19,600 square foot building was dedicated on September 23, 1989.

The Festival Center serves as a meeting place for activists, artists, people of faith (and no faith), seekers, and mission-driven groups. Our work is to be a hub and a generative space for all people working for justice and the common good. We do this by offering space to the community, a beautiful chapel for prayer and meditation, courses and events through Soteria Community School, and a year-long internships through our Discipleship Year program.

Over the years, the Festival Center building has been home to multiple organizations. Currently, the Festival Center provides space for a number of other mission-driven organizations, such as Jubilee HousingCity KidsFaith and Money NetworkLittle Bird Community Acupuncture, and Adams Morgan Partnership. We are also home to numerous faith communities, regular events, and AA and NA groups.

For over 25 years, the Festival Center has served as a welcoming crossroads and support for those who struggle, face oppression, or are working for justice. Check out our 2017 Annual Report to learn about our latest work in the community!

Our Faith Identity

  • We find hope in the radical and liberating potential of the Christian tradition. 

  • We believe in a God who offers unconditional love to all, sides with the oppressed, and seeks the flourishing of all of creation. 

  • We are compelled by our faith to live and work with love, justice, and hope. 

  • We are eager for a world where people of all faiths and no faith can live together without need, in mutual affirmation, and in joy.